About MoJo Sports

Joe Lewis, owner and operator of MoJo Sports, was a professional baseball player for many years before he got the idea for the MoJo Pitching Cage in the year 2000. Though not the fastest pitcher in the MLB, he kept a steady career until he began work with ESPN in Bristol, CT. His passion for baseball never faded, however, and soon enough (through a few primitive prototypes and creative thought), Joe developed a pitching cage that would utilize mannequins and act more realistically for the user.

Soon enough, Joe moved to California to take up employment with HGTV and worked on his pitching project all the while. Before long, and with help from family, Joe had his pitching cage built and ready to go. Though a long time in the making, the MoJo Pitching Cage was finally completed and now enjoys an occupancy in over 21 stadiums throughout the United States.
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