What Our Clients Are Saying
  • The MoJo pitching cage is the most realistic speed pitch on the market. The three-dimensional realistic batter and catcher provides our fans with a true in-game pitching experience that includes accuracy as well as measuring their speed.

    Danny Dann
    Vice President Sponsor & Special Event Services
    SF Giants
    Business Partner for 8 years
  • The MoJo Pitching Cage has been a wonderful addition to our ballpark and fan experience. It gives children and adults alike the opportunity to throw against a lifelike batter while testing their pitch speed and accuracy. Fans enjoy the challenge, and we appreciate the ease of working with MoJo.

    Dan Mielke
    Manager, In-Game Entertainment
    Chicago White Sox
    Business Partner for 3 years
  • MoJo is a great way to provide our fans with a simulated version of being ‘on the mound,’ testing of their pitching accuracy & speed right inside the front gates of Whitaker Bank Ballpark… because it is visually enticing, it becomes a huge attraction for adults & young fans alike…

    Gary Durbin
    Executive Vice President
    Lexington Legends
    Business Partner for 7 years

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Welcome to MoJo Sports, the home of the world’s best interactive pitching cage. Located in over 21 stadiums throughout the United States, our cages will impress your venue’s crowd and draw in fans to test their pitching speed and accuracy. Our unique pitching cages draw a special interactivity for stadiums throughout America and are much more durable than any other speed pitch on the market today.
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